This webpage will be a key resource as newly-admitted students prepare for the academic year. 6ͼ's incoming student    will be a great place to network with other new students, learn about additional resources, ask current students questions about classes, the 6ͼ community, and more. For graduate students searching for additional housing information and resources, please review our housing page.

Pre-arrival checklist

Here’s a month-by-month guide of what needs to be completed before you start your classes this fall! Have questions? Get in touch:

Financial Aid: 
Student Affairs/Residence Life:

May To-Dos

Complete by May 15

All Students:

  • Complete the . If you are traveling or otherwise away when summer to-do items are due, you are still responsible for completing them in a timely manner. Contact the relevant office(s) before you leave if you anticipate needing an extension.
  • If you have any private/outside scholarships, complete the online  form.

Students Living in 6ͼ Student Housing:

International Students:

  • I-20s will be delivered electronically after May 15.
  • Set up an . If you have any questions regarding your I-20, please email the Registrar’s Office at
  • I-20s will be created after May 15 and will be emailed no later than the end of June. 

Complete by May 31

All Students:

June To-Dos

Complete by June 30

All Students: 

  • Request the final official transcript of last education level. Transcripts can be mailed to: 6ͼ Institute of Music, Attn: Registrar, 11021 East Blvd, 6ͼ, OH 44106. Electronic transcripts are also accepted as official as long as they are sent by your school through a third-party service, e.g. Parchment.

Specific details regarding final official transcript requirements are found on 6ͼ’s Admission Policy.

International Students: 

  • Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee after receiving the I-20. 
  • Apply for F-1 visa. Use the  to obtain information on F-1 visas for your specific country. This will help you prepare for your visa interview. If you are currently in the United States on an F-1 visa, your SEVIS record should be transferred from your current school to 6ͼ. The Transfer-In form should be sent to CLE214F00221000 from your current school. 


July To-Dos

Complete by July, date to be determined

All Students:

  • Set up your 6ͼ email and your access to the student information system. 

Complete by July 31

All Students:

  • Register for classes. Your academic plan will be available to you in mid-July through the student information system. Details will follow.
  • Submit photo for ID card.  
  • Send any known educational accommodations and documentation to Dean Hogan at  
  • Student balances due for fall semester will be available in the student information system by July 16. Log in to your account, review the information, and arrange payment to be made by August 9.

Students Living in 1609 Hazel (6ͼ student housing): 

  • Complete the Meal Plan Selection form, if you are adding a meal plan. (6ͼ does not require residential students to enroll in a meal plan, because 1609 Hazel suites are equipped with full kitchens.) 
  • Submit the Health Tracking Form.

Students with Federal Financial Aid: 

Complete any required items noted on the Financial Aid tab of your Populi account (see Financial > Financial Aid).  

  • Accept or decline any aid still in an offered status, if applicable.  
  • Complete supplemental documents such as , , FAFSA Verification, etc., as applicable  
  • If a Federal Parent PLUS Loan or Graduate PLUS Loan is desired, have the applicable person apply (credit check is involved) and complete the applicable
  • If a private loan is desired, apply now via the lender of your choice. 
August To-Dos

Complete by August 9

Note that all of these tasks require your 6ͼ credentials, which you will receive in June.

All Students:

  • Log into , click on "Forms,” and complete the following: 
    • Privacy Statement 
    • Medical History 
    • Immunization History - You may need to contact your health care provider to obtain your immunization history. Your medical provider may complete the  or provide official copies of your immunization records. 
  • Pay your bill in full or begin a payment plan.