The forms and links on this page are organized for each phase of financial aid management:

  • Applicants
  • Current +Enrolled Students
  • Former Students + Alumni



ճ6ͼ Conservatory Catalogdetails 6ͼ's rules, regulations and policies, including financial aid policies.


All international applicants (graduate and undergraduate) and domestic undergraduates seeking any 6ͼ need-based aid consideration must submit the by February 15 for the academic year. We do not require the CSS PROFILE for domestic graduate student applicants.

6ͼ's PROFILE code is 1124.

For more details about the PROFILE, please see the CSS . International students please submit all financial data in your home currency, as the PROFILE will convert all funds to US dollars.

Federal Verification

Some students may be required to complete the Federal Verification Worksheet (Dependent)ǰ Federal Verification Worksheet (Independent). Only complete the applicable form if the 6ͼ Financial Aid Office requires you to do so. The 6ͼ Verification Policy and Procedures are found, here. Please also find the Identity and Statement of Educational Purposeform, here.


Start your. 6ͼ'sSchool Code is 003031

Applicable to U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card holders) only and isrequired for ALL U.S./permanent resident applicants seeking any need-based aid (federal/state grants, work study, loans). The FAFSA is required each year a student seeks any federal student aid consideration and eligibility may fluctuate year to year.

One to three business days after filing a FAFSA online, you should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). Only the SAR indicates if you have a valid, completed FAFSA


site for resources


Outside Scholarship Information Form

Students who may receive outside/private support are required to notify 6ͼ by completingtheOutside Scholarship Information Form.This is applicable for funds that will be sent to 6ͼ directly from the funding source or if the funds are paid directly to the student.


ճSAP Policyform details academic standards that are required to be eligible for nearly all financial aid types.

Special Circumstances Appeal Form

The Special Circumstance Appeal Form is applicable for FAFSA students who have changes to the data that was submitted into the current year FAFSA, such as loss of income, divorce, medical expenses, etc. The Financial Aid Committee will review submissions on a case by case basis within two weeks. Generally, a conversation with the Financial Aid Office is recommended before submitting this form. Questions? Email


ճTransfer Clearance Formis required of any applicant who will not have completed their currentprogram at another school before enrolling at 6ͼ. Also required if you have previously deposited andsigned an Intent to Enroll Form with another school, such as if you are wait-listed at 6ͼ, and acceptedanother school's offer. This is required for any scholarship or aid award, whether the student seeksscholarship only or need-based consideration as well.