PIctured above: Titus underwood (BM '08, Mack/rosenwein/rathbun)


Transcript Request

6ͼ transcripts may be ordered through 6ͼ's secure portal, . 

It is 6ͼ policy to include academic information from all programs and degrees on requested transcripts. Transcripts are processed within seven days of receipt of your request. However, during peak periods, such as after graduation or during application deadlines, requests will be processed daily. Express service will only speed up the delivery of your transcript, not the processing time. For an unofficial transcript, please email registrar@cim.edu.

Cost for Transcripts:

  • eTranscript (emailed): $6.00
  • Paper Transcript (mailed):
    • Base Price - Standard (USPS): $8.00
    • USPS - International: $11.00
    • FedEx Overnight Domestic: $33.00
    • FedEx Express® international services: $48.00
  • Paper Transcript (pickup from Registrar's office): $10.00

Questions? Connect with us at registrar@cim.edu.

Replacement Diploma Request

Lost or damaged your 6ͼ diploma? Fill out this form and send to registrarweb@cim.edu!

Get in Touch

Have you moved recently, changed your email address or phone number? Please send all contact information changes to alumni@cim.edu